Top 10 Health Benefits of Gooseberry | Gooseberry Nutrition Facts

In India, Gooseberry is popularly known as Amla that prevents numerous health issues. It contains vitamins and essential minerals like vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, fat, carbs, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, manganese, and copper. Gooseberry acts as a health fixer and life saver.

Let’s know the top 10 health benefits of Gooseberry –

1. Gooseberry controls blood sugar levels :

It contains fiber that resists the bloodstream to absorb excessive sugar and provides a controlled blood sugar level. A study shows that its extract plays an important role by keeping the enzymes away from the gut to the bloodstream. Gooseberry is rich in chlogenic acid which also helps to decrease blood sugar levels by slowing the carb absorption.  

2. Gooseberry can give you a proper diet :

This fruit is packed with nutrients and is low in calories. It contains low fat but high fiber. It provides you a high number of anti-oxidants. You can make a perfect diet plan with the help of Gooseberry. It is very helpful to weight loss and it keeps your body weight sustain. If you take Gooseberry juice everyday in morning, you will get a fit and healthy body.

3. Gooseberry maintains the age of your skin :

Gooseberry juice is loaded with antioxidants which fight with the reactive molecules and easily lower the disadvantages of oxidative stress (cellular damage). If you take Gooseberry juice with one spoon of honey, you will get a younger look and natural skin. Actually it helps to fight with the dead skin cells, for that reason your look younger.

4. Gooseberry helps to reduce skin pigmentation :

The Vitamin C particles of Gooseberry is able to reduce pigmentation from the skin. By taking Gooseberry juice and applying Gooseberry paste helps to reduce pigmentation and black spot from the skin.

5. Gooseberry is helpful for getting a proper digestive system :

Gooseberries are rich in fiber that makes you able to get rid off the irritable bowel syndrome by making your bowel movements regular and your body will learn to absorb the essential nutrients by getting the Vitamin C from Gooseberry.

6. Gooseberry is too much beneficial for your brain :

The quantity of organic acids in a Gooseberry is really high and this is the reason, you will get a sharper brain after having Gooseberries on a daily basis. It protects your brain from damage and also protects from becoming vulnerable. The citric acid presented here resists the gathering of irons in your brain cells and the antioxidants also keep your brain away from the brain stroke.

7. Gooseberry can reduce the chances of having cancer :

Gooseberries are highly rich in phenolic compounds, folate, and Vitamin C and Vitamin D ; All of these are very effective to cure the oxidative stress and reduce the affects of inflammation. The polyphenols like anthocyanins in Gooseberries resist you to take the risks of having cancer. It is loaded with highly nutritious molecules that boost up your immunity system and provide anticancer effects to your body.

8. Gooseberry provides a healthy heart ever :

The nutrients like potassium and antioxidants is the best combination for a healthy heart. Potassium in Gooseberries manages the blood pressure and keeps the heart beat normal, so, this is how it protects your heart from stroke and other heart diseases as well. Antioxidants and phytonutrients maintain the oxidation of bad cholesterol by reducing the blood pressure and improving the blood vessel function, so that you can get an improved heart than earlier.

9. Gooseberry enhances your eye-sight :

Vitamin C in Gooseberries protects your eyes from bacteria and ensures its safety from the infections like conjunctivitis whereas Vitamin A is solely responsible for improving your eye-sight and suppressing the chances of having age-related macular degeneration.

10. Gooseberries provide a relaxation to chest congestion

The natural source of Vitamin C is Gooseberries and it can reduce your pain of chest congestion by moving out the sputum from the respiratory tract. It always comes forward to relax you while suffering from bronchitis, cough, asthma, or other respiratory diseases.

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