Top 10 Beneficial Facts about Raw Onions

Raw onions contain the most essential compounds that have been recognized for preventing numerous health issues in the human body from ancient times to the current era.

Come, then let’s get to know those top 10 proven health benefits of raw onions –

1. Raw onion protects your heart health :

Raw onions are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that include quercetin which reduces the high blood sugar level, the chances of blood clod formation, and the risks of heart diseases, such as strokes and heart attacks. A study shows that whoever consumes raw onions daily, owns a healthier heart than others who don’t.

2. Raw onions provide enough antioxidants to your body :

The antioxidants which raw onions provide, work as the resistors of cellular damage and certain critical diseases, like diabetes, cancer, and heart attacks. Every onion contains more than 25 different types of flavonoids antioxidants which protect the human body from numerous illnesses.

3. Raw onions prevent from cancer :

Raw onions are full of cancer-fighting properties, like flavonoid antioxidants and sulfur compounds, so if taken daily, it can lower the risks of stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, and some other cancers. The Onionin A which contains sulfur, treats tumour development, ovarian cancer, and lung cancer.

4. Raw onions control your blood sugar :

Raw onions effect diabetic patients more precisely than people without diabetes. Daily consumption of raw onions reduces blood sugar levels and control it. The quercetin and the sulfur compounds present in raw onions control the sugar regulation by interacting with pancreas, small intestine, fat tissues, skeletal muscle, and liver so that your whole-body blood can be freed from sugar.

5. Raw onions energise your bones :

If you take raw onions everyday, nothing will resist you from strengthening your bones. It has all the nutrients that are needed for bone health. It decreases the bone loss by preventing osteoporosis and improving the bone density. A study of 24 middle-aged women who suffer from post-menopause, shows that if consumed 100ml of onion juice everyday for eight weeks, the antioxidant activity and bone mineral density will be improved among those women.

6. Raw onions protect you from bacterial damage :

Raw onions have potential anti-bacterial properties that can fight with almost every bacteria that harm your health, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Methicillin-resistant  Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus cereus, Helicobacter pylori, and the most harmful and universal bacteria called Vibrio cholerae. Several studies show that raw onions can damage the membrane and cell walls of S. aureus, E. coli, and H. pylori that is responsible for stomach ulcers and certain digestive cancers.

7. Raw onions improve your digestive health :

Raw onions are filled with fiber and prebiotics which are broken down by beneficial gut bacteria. This bacteria creates some essential short-chain fatty acids, like propionate, acetate, and butyrate. These are highly needed for improving your digestion system. Not only that, but also these acids are needed for boosting your immunity, strengthening your gut health, and reducing inflammation. As much you can eat raw onions, it increases probiotics that much in your body and generate the Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains to make your digestive system healthier.

8. Raw onions make your sexual health better :

There is no other replacement for raw onions in case of making your sexual health better. It can deal with every kind of sexual disease, like erectile dysfunction and others. So if you or your partner having any type of sexual problem, start to eat raw onions everyday. It helps to increase the testosterone level among men.

9. Raw onions protect your eye-sight :

The selenium, present in raw onions produces a large amount of Vitamin E which is very much beneficial for making you relieved from painful eye diseases, like conjunctivitis and other eye-related problems.

10. Raw onions treat the respiratory illnesses :

Raw onion works as an anti-allergic component that resists the allergies in the human body and in a way, it prevents the respiratory problems caused by allergies. The flavonoids present in raw onions protect asthma patients also by relaxing the muscles of their isolated trachea.

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