Top 10 Proven Health Benefits of Eggs | Why Eggs Are Good for Your Health!

Very few foods can be similar to eggs as per fulfilling the nutritional requirements of a human body. White and yolk – every part of an egg contributes the essential fats, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins as much as your body needs. 

Let’s get to know the top 10 proven health benefits of eggs –

1. Eggs provide you the highest-quality protein :

An egg contains about 6.3 grams of supreme quality protein that is essential for repairing your muscle and tissue and keeping them strong. That protein is all the nine amino acids present in eggs which support you in gaining muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance. Not only that, but also eggs have the bio-availability of protein to fulfill the requirement of your body.

2. Eggs upgrades your good cholesterol levels :

Proper egg consumption helps to raise good cholesterol levels in your blood. A single egg provides almost 212 mg of cholesterol that is enough for an individual to maintain his LDL levels. But the persons with genetic disorders should avoid taking it daily.

3. Egg is a great source of Vitamin D :

Egg yolks are the natural source of getting Vitamin D in your body. If anyone suffers from a lack of Vitamin D, two eggs per day will save him from the Vitamin D deficiency in a moderate way. Two eggs can fulfill almost 82% of your daily needs. It takes care of your muscle functions and promotes your immune system.

4. Eggs help to manage your weight :

Eggs are rich in high-quality protein and contain low calories, so it is one of the most useful food supplements for maintaining your body weight. The nutritious particles in eggs keep your energy levels higher, boost up your metabolic rate, delay the food leaving activity from the stomach, and increase the food satisfaction hormone levels so that you can always stay with less hunger and less desire of eating often foods. It provides every type of nutrient for making you feel full for longer and it also reduces variations in glucose levels for normalizing your eating routine.

5. Egg is a natural source of choline :

Daily egg consumption plays an important role in normalizing your cell functions, brain functions, cognitive issues among infants and elder persons, and developing spinal cord during pregnancy among women. All that eggs do, by producing enough choline into your body so that your health does not get sick often.

6. Eggs provide enough omega-3 to your body :

Eggs provide enough amount of omega-3 to run your cell membrane work that protects your brain and heart health by distributing the polyunsaturated fatty acids into them. Everyone should consume two eggs daily for taking 180 mg omega-3 fatty acids into your body.

7. Eggs are good for your eyes :

All your body needs Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and selenium to keep your eyes healthy for a long time. Eggs provide all these antioxidants and help you in protecting your retina function and degenerative vision at every age. Not only that but also the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin present in eggs reduce certain eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

8. Pastured eggs reduce the risks of having triglycerides :

Eggs are very much beneficial for staying away from heart diseases, but not all eggs are good at this. Enriched in omega-3 fatty acids, pastured eggs help in reducing the blood levels of triglycerides and preventing heart attacks and certain strokes. 

9. Eggs keep you healthy even in your old age :

Eggs contain a large amount of amino acid, called leucine which works excellently as your muscle support, and other nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, choline, and Vitamin D repairs your brain functions if needed. Combining all these vitamins and nutrients, eggs can save you from a wide range of deficiencies and keep you healthy in your old age also.

10. Eggs take care of your mental health :

Filled with Vitamin B2, B12, iron, choline, and tryptophan, eggs take you towards a better mental health condition gradually. It reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and makes you optimistically strong.

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