Top 4 Investment Tips to Decrease Your Debt Quickly

The primary reason for your loan is to fulfill your family’s obligation and to see your family have a comfortable life. Most of the people are facing difficulties to pay off their debts because of a lack of financial planning or lack of proper calculation. Today’s people cannot find the difference between finance and accounting. They think that if they do proper accounting, they will manage proper financing. But this is wrong.

People are taking loans for various reasons like home loans, car loans, education loans, and so on to make their life better for the future. But because of the unfortunate events like a sudden job loss, expensive home repair or a serious illness can make an issue in one’s finances resulting from the discontinuation of monthly payments. That is why here we are sharing such 4 valuable tips so that the debts will not be a matter of concern to you –

1. Create an Emergency Fund

 Many people cannot repay their debts because of not having sufficient money in proper time. In this condition, if someone has the other fund of money at the time of payment, their burden of debts can be reduced. Saving money in an emergency fund helps you to get out of your debts. This procedure will protect you to bring further debts. You can create a recurring account as per your financial ability so that this money can help you in the future. Or you can create a bank account where you can deposit money as per your income for further help. You can use the money of the emergency fund at the time of payment of debts in case of any financial crisis.

2. Try to Increase Your Income

The more money you have, the faster you can pay off your debts. So try to find a source of income beside than your main job. You can do some part-time jobs like tuition, selling something through the Internet, home-based data entry jobs, home-based content writing jobs, and so on. You can sell your domestic things which were not used for a long time. An instant amount will come quickly in your hand so that you can use them at the time of repaying your debts. But you have to save all this money. If you spend this money, there will not be any help so you have to remember it as long as you are under debt pressure. This money will help you to increase your source of income so that you can return your debts quickly.

3. Try to Pay More Than Your Installment

Always try to pay a little more than your minimum installment. Suppose your monthly interest is Rs. 1000, then try to give your creditor at least 100 more than your monthly interest. This will not only help you to save interest rates throughout the life of your loan but also speed up your money returning process. To avoid any further problems, make sure your loan does not charge any prepayment penalties before you start excessive payment. You can take help from mobile debt repayment tools like Tally or Ready or Zero. All of these can track your progress of repayment. You can use the debt snowball method to speed up the process and build momentum.

4. Control Your Expenses

If you want to pay off your debt faster, you’ll have to cut your expenses as much as you can. You can use a bare-bones budget. With this strategy, you can cut your expenses as low as they can be. This budget is different for different persons.  Do not forget to discuss all your debts related problems with your family. You can cut your unnecessary Internet expenses like there is no requirement to have the internet on everyone’s phone, so you can recharge only one phone for your online work. You can disconnect the cable line in your home because now all the serials, shows are available on mobile also. You can control the usage of AC. You can turn off the AC after one or two hours of use. Your current bill will be reduced this way. But the bare-bones budget is not permanent at all. Once your debts are cleared, you can go back to your previous luxurious life.


Sometimes you do all your responsibilities, you try hard to repay your debts but you fail to pay them off. Life becomes a disaster. Unfortunately if something happens to you tomorrow, all the burden of repayment will fall on your family. That will be very awful – right? So if you are stuck in your debts and it is becoming a life threat for you, then the above-noted solutions are totally suitable for you. Not everyone has a steady flow of income so It is very important to monitor your debts regularly and work on them as per the need.  Examine all the processes written above and return your debts as soon as possible, so that your life becomes tension-free.

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