Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey | Why You Should Take it Regularly

Honey has been used as a tasty and sweet medicine for decades, so are you not eager to know its health factors? It offers amazing plant compounds that are fruitful to the human body. It suppresses cancer, health diseases, wounds, throat irritation, skin diseases, and so on. Basically Honey is the best replacement of sugar.

Come, let’s get to know the top 10 surprising health benefits of Honey –

1. Honey is less effective than sugar :

People need to control the usage of sugar and start to take honey instead. Honey reduces numerous health disease factors like bad cholesterol levels, gastrointestinal disorders, and so on. It contains several vitamins and minerals rather than fiber, protein, or fat.

2. Honey lowers your blood pressure :

Honey is filled with a large number of antioxidants and this is the reason, Honey lowers your blood pressure. The balanced combination of glucose and fructose in Honey doesn’t let your blood sugar levels increase, rather it normalizes your blood sugar levels and manages your blood pressure.

3. Honey improves your cholesterol levels :

Honey can maintain your good cholesterol levels and reduce your bad cholesterol levels that are responsible for atherosclerosis, one kind of fatty clod in your arteries that encourages heart attacks, strokes, and other crucial heart diseases. A study of 55 patients shows that honey has reduced the bad cholesterol level by about 5.8%  and increased the good cholesterol level by about 3.3%.

4. Honey lowers the chances of having triglycerides :

Triglycerides are one of the most harmful factors that cause heart diseases but they can be controlled by taking honey. It is pretty good for blood sugar patients because apart from triglycerides, it prevents insulin resistance and types 2 diabetes. A study shows that honey lowers the triglyceride levels by about 11-19% than sugar.

5. Honey is effective on your heart health and cancer:

The quantity of phenols and antioxidants is high in Honey and these two compounds increase the blood flow in your heart. It also resists the formation of the blood clod and prevents you from heart attacks and strokes. Honey is also rich in flavonoids which combining with antioxidants, save you from certain cancers.

6. Honey helps in healing your wounds :

Healing treatments with silver sulfadiazine is as good as Honey which is antibacterial and has been used since ancient Egypt for healing the wounds and promoting the burn. It prevents diabetic foot ulcers to save you from amputation. Its anti-inflammatory components nourish your wounds and burnt areas and provide healthy skin. It also treats a few skin problems, like, psoriasis and herpes lesions.

7. Honey prevents coughs among children :

Where coughing can snatch your children’s sleep, Honey can give relaxation to it. It can reduce throat irritation and cough among children. A study of 105 children shows that Honey works very fast in the children’s throats and reduces the cough symptoms. The buckwheat honey is the most effective one for getting relief from nocturnal cough.

8. Honey improves your athletic performance :

It has been proven that Honey can boost up your athletic performance. It maintains the glycogen levels in your body so that you can recover fast and get involved in physical works with more energy.

9. Honey improves your immune system and works as an antiseptic  :

Honey is beneficial for curing your cells and helps to improve your eye-sight, urinary tract disorders, diarrhea, nausea, bronchial asthma, premature ejaculation, and also helps you in losing weight. The components present in Honey improve most of the diseases of the human body.

Bees increase an extra magic to Honey by adding hydrogen peroxide which makes the Honey anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. 

10. Honey beautifies your skin :

Honey is well known for its anti-bacterial properties and also it is rich in antioxidants, so it works as a natural antiseptic and protects your skin from germs and harmful radicals. Its everyday use moisturizes and nourishes your skin from the core. For better results, you can mix it with some other home ingredients also as there is no side effect of that.

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