Top 10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon | Cinnamon Nutrition Facts

Cinnamon is a spice that is highly demanded due to its flavour and odour but do you know about its health benefits? Its components are very much beneficial to prevent cancer, heart diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, fungus infections, oxidative stress, inflammatory diseases, and so on.

Let’s get to know the details of the top 10 health benefits of a Cinnamon –

1. Cinnamon prevents heart diseases :

It maintains your good cholesterol and reduces your bad cholesterol so that you can stay away from various heart diseases. A recent study shows that people who take 120mg Cinnamon per day, have healthier hearts than other people who don’t take Cinnamons on daily basis. The cinnamate compound in Cinnamons resists the enzymes from making cholesterol and other fatty acids in the blood.

2. Cinnamon increases the sensitivity to Insulin Hormone

Cinnamons are highly responsible for reducing the insulin resistance that causes metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Insulin hormone carries the blood sugar from the bloodstream to the cells and it also gives energy and normalizes the metabolism so it is very important for everyone to keep a distance from insulin resistance and the particles of Cinnamon manage the functions of insulin and other hormones to control your blood sugar levels. 

3. Cinnamon provides anti-diabetic effect :

Cinnamons fight with the digestive enzymes that are quite responsible for slowing down the disruption of the carbohydrates in your digestive tract and reducing the quantity of glucose before it enters your bloodstream after each meal. Its effective dose can reduce your blood sugar levels by 10-29%.

4. Cinnamon prevents neurodegenerative diseases :

Cinnamons treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases which are the most common diseases caused by the continuous decay of the structure of your brain cells. Tau, a protein present in your brain, responsible for Alzheimer’s disease to be clasped by your everyday’s intake of Cinnamon. It also normalizes your neurotransmitter levels by protecting the neurons.

5. Cinnamon prevents cancer :

The compounds in Cinnamons are highly nutritious and also potential for preventing cancer. It reduces uncontrolled cell growth and treats cancer to an extent. Cinnamon extract is too much beneficial against cancer so, you can take it daily to reduce your risks of having cancer. Not only this, but also the Cinnamon extract is effective in resisting the blood vessel formation in tumours and spoiling the cancer cells in your body.

6. Cinnamon reduces bacterial and fungus infections :

A component that provides flavour and odour to Cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde. It fights against the bacteria include Salmonella and Listeria that seem very harmful to your body. Besides the bacterial infections, Cinnamon oil protects your respiratory tract from fungus infections. It is also beneficial for smelly breath and brittle teeth.

7. Cinnamon fights against HIV:

Cinnamons help you to enhance your immune system and protect you from having AIDS by fighting with HIV-1 which is the main type of HIV that dangerously affects the human body. A study shows that Cinnamon is one of the most effective medicinal plants for human health.

8. Cinnamon reduces inflammation :

One of the main active components of Cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde that has significant benefits to human health. It acts as the inflammation protector that prevents the blood platelets from moving on one another and relaxes the swelling. It also resists the toxic substances from entering into your body and the body cells to grow abnormally to reduce the chances of inflammatory diseases. 

9. Cinnamon maintains your skin age :

With time, our skin starts to lose collagen and elastin for which the skin cells start to suffer from sickness and Cinnamon helps there. It naturally increases the two proteins in your skin cells and provides you smooth and clear skin for your lifetime. The advantages of Cinnamon in your skin are much effective than using artificial cosmetics.

10. Cinnamon reduces oxidative damage :

Cinnamons are filled with antioxidants that are highly needed for reducing oxidative stress. The polyphenols (antioxidants) present in Cinnamons protect your body from the free radicals. So you should take Cinnamon daily to prevent cell damage and every type of chronic disease.

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