10 Crazy Facts about Warren Buffett that You Probably Didn’t Know

Warren Buffett is a business magnate, an investing legend, and a great philanthropist. He is also called the “Oracle of Omaha”. But at the same time, this great man owns some crazy facts that we will learn today –

1. Warren bought his first stock at the age of 11:

Warren bought stocks for the first time when other boys were playing baseball and reading comic books. When he turned 11, he bought six shares of CITGO for $38 apiece.

2. Warren made $53,000 by the age of 16:

Warren has been a very hard worker since his childhood. When he was just six years old, he started to sell sticks of the gun in packs of five for a nickel each. After that, he also decided to sell collector stamps, used golf balls, and buffing cars and by the age of 16, he earned around $53,000.

3. The Harvard Business School rejected Warren:

Warren tried to get admission to Harvard Business School after graduating from the University of Nebraska. But during the interview session in Harvard, a staff told him that he could not get admission there. And after that, Warren started studying at Columbia Business School under his idols, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.

4. Warren has 20 suits but he never pays for any of them:

Warren owns around 20 suits, made by Madam Lee. Warren has developed a professional relationship with Mr. Lee as she keeps sending her suits to Warren. But Warren never pays for it.

5. He spends 80% of his day reading:

Warren enters his nose into the newspapers as he wakes up in the morning. It is estimated that he spends around 80% of his day reading something. He thinks that he can grow his knowledge by reading and that’s why he reads almost 500 pages every day.

6. Takes a lot of kids to Dairy Queen every Sunday:

Warren takes his grandchildren and their friends to Dairy Queen every Sunday. That is the group of 12 kids. He loves to give them treats and spend his time with them.

7. Does not prefer sending emails:

According to Warren, he has mailed only once in his life and it ended up in federal court. He replied to an email sent by the former Microsoft executive, Jeff Raikes to tell him the reasons why he does not use Microsoft.

8. Does not follow anyone on Twitter:

Warren does not prefer to tweet anything and it can be understood by seeing his Twitter profile. But the most shocking thing is that he does not follow anyone on Twitter while he has millions of followers there.

9. Warren’s face was on Cherry Coke in China:

Warren is an avid coke drinker and his company is the largest Coca-Cola investor by this time.  That’s why in March 2017, when Coca-Cola first introduced its cherry flavour to the Chinese market, the face of Warren Buffett had been put on the cans for a limited time.

10. Pledged to give 85% of his Berkshire Hathaway stocks for charity causes:

Being a huge philanthropist, Warren announced in 2006 that he planned to gradually donate 85% of his Berkshire Hathaway stock to five charitable foundations. And by this time, he competed donating approx. $34.5 billion worth of that stock.

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